[K12OSN] no audio in i810 soundcard

Alberto Castillo proyecto.edulin at gmail.com
Wed May 28 22:26:23 UTC 2008

Hi everybody!
I write from Argentina! so sorry for my bad english, I try to explain to
clear as possible:

I have many thin clients of same type: "Compaq Deskpro Ex Microtower" (color
white) - Celeron 566 - 64MB RAM - Motherboard Intel (I supose)

The trouble is that I do not have sound in the terminals.

The system: k12EL5.0 (the last).

The hardware of thin client (from the original service manual):

Chipset Component         Function
810e    82810e-DC100 GMCH AGP 2X interface
                          Direct AGP graphics controller
                          SDRAM controller supporting up to 2 PC100 DIMMs
                          66-/100-/133-MHz FSB
            82801AB ICH       PCI bus I/F
                          LPC bus I/F
                          SMBus I/F
                          IDE I/F with UATA/66 support
                          AC '97 controller
                          IRQ controller
                          Power management logic
                          USB I/F
                          8259 or I/O APIC interrupt processing
           82802 FWH         Loaded with AMI BIOS
815     82815 GMCH        AGP 4X interface
                          Direct AGP graphics controller
                          SDRAM controller supporting up to 2 PC133 DIMMs
                          66-/100-/133-MHz FSB
        82801AB ICH       Same as for 810e Chipset
        82802 FWH         Loaded with Compaq BIOS

I check if in the screen of terminal when boots, detect the sound card
(onboard) and yes:
i810: Intel ICH 82801AA found at IOx0d800 and 0xdc00, MEM 0x0000 and 0x0000
IRQ 11.

I check if listen the port 16001 and yes:
- accepting connections on port 16001

I check if the "-public" option is present in sound.rc and yes:
export ESD_SPAWN_OPTIONS="-public"
               /bin/esd -nobeeps -tcp -port 16001 -as 1 -public &

My lts.conf file in part sound:
# enable sound by default
        SOUND              = Y
        # choose either esd or nasd to be the default (esd only on x86_64)
        SOUND_DAEMON       = "esd"
#        SOUND_DAEMON     = "nasd"
        #RCFILE_0x = sound.rc

        # default sound volume
        VOLUME             = 75

        ### For ISA sound cards, you have to specify the module to use:
       # SMODULE_01       = "sb io=0x220 irq=5 dma=1"

In the grafic user in gnome, when I try to open the mixer I have a error
tell me some that "gstreamer no encounter .. no device..", when I play a
audio with xmms, hi tell me that the sund is blocked by other applicattion,
when I try to autodetect the sound card from the client, this modifies the
values of volume of my server, and I can see, I think, the soundcard of my
server, that is a i810 too!
In KDE just I have entered, tell me that the sound is no initialize because
I have no premissions...

Please somebody can help me?
Thank you a lot!
Cheers from Argentina, sorry for mu bad english!
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