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[K12OSN] Centos bug + Marvell onboard NIC

I just did a fresh install of K12LTSP Centos 5. All appeared well, until I took it to a faster connect to do updates (cough, dialup at home). About a gig of download later, I took it home to find out that one of the two onboard Marvell NICs no longer worked. lspci showed it ok, dmesg showed it there, but declared eth1 not found. ifconfig -a would not show it as a choice I could use. eth1 is the "outside NIC".

To do the updates, I did temporarily change the MAC of eth1 to fit in with the network planning where I did the upgrades. When I brought it home, I ran neat and saw eth1 listed as eth1.bak Efforts to enable it in the GUI gave a 'device not found' type of error.

Booting it to Knoppix, it works there so it's not hardware/cabling problem.

I disabled it in BIOS, put in a PCI card, and it works fine. After some (ok, a lot) of searching, I found this Centos bug:

I am also using ASUS P5B Deluxe mobo. I am not near the machine now to check, but the two onboard Marvell NICs were shown separately as different chipsets (not sure why), and mine was PCI-E as in that bug report. I have not yet booted to the old kernel to verify.

The original kernel is old enough, that I think would prefer to stick with the newer kernel, and use a PCI NIC.

What is a little puzzling to me, is that I was pretty sure I rebooted a time or two during the updates, and I did some more installing of apps. Seeing this bug report otherwise fits in perfectly with my symptoms.

Scott S.

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