[K12OSN] dhcpd failed

Peter Scheie peter at scheie.homedns.org
Thu May 29 18:23:04 UTC 2008

Almquist Burke wrote:
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> On May 28, 2008, at 5:57 PM, Marc Fromm wrote:
>> What does it mean to put the clients behind the ltsp server?
>> If I do the 2 nic install how do the clients know to send their dhcp
>> requests to the ltsp server?
>> Can I convert my current setup to the 2 nic or is it better to
>> reinstall?
> A "Two NIC" setup is when your LTSP server is plugged into the school's 
> network on one side (on eth0 for example) and on the other side is 
> plugged into a switch that only goes to the thin clients (eth1 in this 
> case). That way your thin client's DHCP requests never reach the 
> school's DHCP server. Their traffic has to travel though the LTSP 
> server. Here's an example.
>                                     -----  LTSP server ---- Thin clients
>                                   /                  |
> Internet --- Firewall --- Schools servers (DHCP, File, Authentication, 
> Etc.)
>                                   \                  |
>                                      \ Other Desktop PCs
> The thin clients are segmented on their own network, separate from the 
> rest of the school. Only the LTSP server is plugged into the rest of the 
> network on the other network card.
> This works well if all the thin clients are in the same room as the 
> server (like in a lab, or you have one "server" per classroom). If the 
> clients are scattered about with only a couple in each location and have 
> to be plugged into the school's network, then the alternate DHCP port is 
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Just a footnote: The default setup in a two-nic K12LTSP server uses eth0 for the 
thin client side and uses eth1 to connect to the rest of the school's network.


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