[K12OSN] dhcpd failed

Peter Scheie peter at scheie.homedns.org
Sat May 31 11:58:32 UTC 2008

Almquist Burke wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
>>> Just a footnote: The default setup in a two-nic K12LTSP server uses 
>>> eth0 for the thin client side and uses eth1 to connect to the rest of 
>>> the school's network.
>> Peter
> That's only true for older versions of K12LTSP. The FC 9 ones don't have 
> eth0 or eth1 set by default, eth0 is DHCP be default. Eth1 you have to 
> set, and since Network Manager is managing eth0, I found it easier to 
> make eth1 the bridge for thin clients.

Yes, but he said in his original message that he is using K12LTSP-EL5, and in 
that case it does default to eth0 for the clients and eth1 for the school 
network.  I was just trying to clarify things for him in his particular 
situation.  Bringing up the Fedora 9 implementation, AKA K12Linux, which uses 
LTSP 5 and is therefore a different architecture, and the fact that it's still a 
work in progress, would seem to just muddy the waters for him.  You and I know 
the difference, but we've been here a while; I think he is relatively new to 


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