[K12OSN] CTRL-ALT-Backspace

k12ltsp k12ltsp at hermon.net
Mon Nov 3 20:56:19 UTC 2008

Thanks for the suggestion. It didn't work (prevented X from loading), but
it lead me to the correct direction. The xinit -t didn't work either.

I did find a way to get it turned off. It's probably not the "correct"
method or the best method, but I edited the
/opt/ltsp/i386/etc/build_x4_cfg file, which is a script a terminal runs at
bootu- to generate the xdm.conf file for the X server, and added the lines
into it:

Section "Serverflags"
Option "DontZap"      "yes"

It was added under the "Setup Keyboard and Mouse" section since the KB and
mouse will always be needed (and this portion of the script is guaranteed
to be executed). 

Now CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE won't work anymore. Sharing this incase others are
looking for a solution to this problem or knows of a better way to turn it


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>X_DEVICE_OPTION_01 = "DontZap\" \"yes"

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