[K12OSN] Inbox contents suddenly disappears

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Tue Nov 11 13:50:13 UTC 2008

Hello List,

This is the first time this has happened this school year. One teacher
lost all contents of her inbox. She is very comptuer savy,and I asked if
she may have created an account in Outlook or Outlook Express on her
laptop that would have pulled all the contents of her inbox off of the
Squirrelmail server. This happend two times last year,both times the same
user. I always wondred if they may have figured out how to 'try" and setup
an email account via Outlook/Outlook Express. I don't think so,but I'll
never know for sure. Luckily I had a day old back up of our email boxes.
I myself have looked at users email boxes via webmin to see what size they
are getting in their email boxes during school. Could this be a
possibility?Two different locales in the box at one time?
This is dovecot/sendmail/SM 1.4.8-4 (Centos5) default install.
Of course the contents of all her other email folders are still there.
How would one go about troubleshooting this type of thing? I'm more
curious than anything to find out what would have caused this,to try and
prevent it from happening again.

Barry Cisna

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