[K12OSN] LTSP CentOS5 slow

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sat Nov 29 03:26:08 UTC 2008


>From the readings that top is showing the server is under almost no
load .16 ( if this was when there were some TC's connected to it). Why
don't you post what the make/model number of your switch is. If would
happen to be a managed switch sometimes the STP, built in causes
weirdness.From what you are explaining the TC's are slow even with only
one-two working the server, so something is diffently amiss. Try and
find another switch, even if its a small 8 port to try a few TC's onto
the server and see if you still get about the same responsiveness.
>From the error that Jperf is throwing you do not have Java installed on
your server. This is just about a must. So,, do an ' yum install java '
then your Jperf will run without a hitch on your server.
As you said the nics in the TC's may have a light with them even being
powered off. This is "normal" depending on the mobo manufacuer.
Another factor is with 30 TC's connecting you should have at least a
GIGE backbone>> 100MB into the room.. Without having some way to monitor
"at the TC switch" to the supplying server bandwidth, it is hard to pin
down the culprit.

Barry Cisna

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