[K12OSN] Sound module for ebox 2500

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sat Nov 29 05:15:14 UTC 2008


It sounds like you "are just about there":). It seems weird that the
snd-hda-intel sound module is almost working when your machine has an
via chipset,but what the heck if it works ,thats whats counts.
Try putting the following line underneath your existing line so you end
up with:
SMODULE_01 = snd-hda-intel
SMODULE_02 = snd-pcm-oss

,,,then on the client go to System>Preferences>More
Preferences>Multimedia Systems Selector . on the Output try and three
sound daemons > Test and see if any work.
If this combo don't work try;
SMODULE_01 = snd-via82xx
SMODULE_02 = snd-pcm-oss

Let us know your progress.

Barry Cisna

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