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[K12OSN] Re: NX Client/nomachine

If you just want to use fl_teachertool remotely, I found that I did not need freenx.  I have two servers sharing the load on my LTSP network.  One of them (server2) is attached to a projector for demos and to display student work.  The other (server1) runs a local web server.  (Because of school-district policy, we are a stand-alone network, not attached to the Internet.)

I log in to my teacher account on server2.  When I want to use fl_teachertool, I start it locally, which brings up about half of the clients.  Then I open a terminal and type the following:

su -
ssh -X server1
fl_teachertool &

Voila.  I get another fl_teachertool window with the other half of the clients.  So that I don't have to authenticate every time, I copied the ssh key from server1 to server2.

TODO:  Put this into a script with an icon that will automatically open up both instances of fl_teachertool.  Also, set it up so that I don't have to be root to make the remote fl_teachertool work.

QUESTION:  Am I correct in assuming that the security issue in fl_teachertool is minimized, because the teacher account is running on the server?  A student hacker could view or take control of another student's machine, but not the teacher machine, right?

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