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Re: [K12OSN] ltsp-build-client - command not found

On my F9 system, ltsp-build-client is in /usr/sbin/, and rpm shows that it was installed via the ltsp-server package. Since you have to be root to do all these steps, did you, by chance, use 'su' to become root instead of 'su -' ? The former doesn't set root's environment, including the $PATH, meaning it won't find all the various tools in /sbin, /usr/sbin, etc.


Brian Fristensky wrote:
I am trying to install LTSP5 on a laptop. I did a fresh
install of Fedora 9 (specifically so I could install LTSP5)
and the system has been updated by yum.

packages have been installed on the laptop using the
Software Updater (ie. gui interface for yum), and the
Network Configuration Tool shows three active devices

eth0    eth0      Ethernet
eth1    eth1      Wireless
ltspb    ltspbr0 Bridge

Network Manager is disabled.

I have run through the Install Guide at


I have all the services specified in the InstallGuide
running, and then I get to step 8:


which gives me a "command not found" message. 'which',
of course, shows no such command, and there is no
manual entry. I have not found a script by this name
anywhere in /etc/ltsp or /usr/share/ltsp. /opt/ltsp
contains nothing but an empty 'images' directory.

Where is this script?

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