[K12OSN] ltsp-build-client - command not found

Peter Scheie peter at scheie.homedns.org
Sun Nov 2 15:40:19 UTC 2008

On my F9 system, ltsp-build-client is in /usr/sbin/, and rpm shows that it was 
installed via the ltsp-server package.  Since you have to be root to do all 
these steps, did you, by chance, use 'su' to become root instead of 'su -' ? 
The former doesn't set root's environment, including the $PATH, meaning it won't 
find all the various tools in /sbin, /usr/sbin, etc.


Brian Fristensky wrote:
> I am trying to install LTSP5 on a laptop. I did a fresh
> install of Fedora 9 (specifically so I could install LTSP5)
> and the system has been updated by yum.
> The LTSP5
> packages have been installed on the laptop using the
> Software Updater (ie. gui interface for yum), and the
> Network Configuration Tool shows three active devices
> eth0    eth0      Ethernet
> eth1    eth1      Wireless
> ltspb    ltspbr0 Bridge
> Network Manager is disabled.
> I have run through the Install Guide at
> https://fedorahosted.org/k12linux/wiki/InstallGuide
> I have all the services specified in the InstallGuide
> running, and then I get to step 8:
> ltsp-build-client
> which gives me a "command not found" message. 'which',
> of course, shows no such command, and there is no
> manual entry. I have not found a script by this name
> anywhere in /etc/ltsp or /usr/share/ltsp. /opt/ltsp
> contains nothing but an empty 'images' directory.
> Where is this script?
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