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Rép. : [K12OSN] Capturing snapshots from camera

My gut feeling is do'nt touch that, get a Linux compatible webcam. It will be a lot less hassle. I'm sure there will be members here that can suggest easy to get compatible webcams.

>>> Brian Chivers <brian portsmouth-college ac uk> 2008-11-04 06:47:24 >>>
I've been asked to setup a camera over looking our College's playing field to capture an image every
30 minutes so we can see how much it is being used.

I have a camera with that has a composite video output that I'd like to use and a video input card
(not sure if it linux compatible, if not I'll get one that is *grin*) but I'm not sure what software
to use to do this.

Not worried about motion sensing just need a jpg or something every X minutes

Does anyone do this ? Any ideas or pointer where to start.

Brian Chivers
Portsmouth College

    The views expressed here are my own and not necessarily

                the views of Portsmouth College   

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