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Re: [K12OSN] Hotmail DOA- Hotmail won't allow users to enter text in body of email

Rob Owens wrote:
Just making sure you were using something current...

I have the same system as you.  I can access www.hotmail.com and can go
through the signup routine (but I stopped before actually creating an
account).  I didn't get any errors.  Can you do the same on your system?

Firefox on CentOS 5 is pretty current, so this seems like it's either a
mistake / config problem or it's Microsoft singling out a particular
browser and/or operating system that they don't want to play nice with!

I've seen intermittent problems w/ HotMail on Ubuntu Hardy Heron as well. Sometimes HotMail will work w/ Ubuntu's Firefox (my friend uses Hardy), and other times it doesn't. Same browser, same config, same (very unclogged and very big) connection to the Internet. She has since switched to Gmail.

I wouldn't put it past Microsoft to introduce "glitches" into HotMail every so often. They've done it several times before, including breaking Windows XP compatibility with Samba (the Samba team coded around it). Remember that JavaScript allows you to bypass the browser ID string and use other means to determine browser and OS (Remedy Magic does exactly this).


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