[K12OSN] Teacher Computer

John Montoya jomontoya at kern.org
Thu Nov 6 16:47:11 UTC 2008

Hello everyone,

New Lab Install - II

Yesterday I went out to the school site and installed k12 / 5-EL. Went relatively well. Removed OpenOffice 2.4 and installed OpenOffice 3.0, working now on 
updating fl TeacherTool to 0.60  - THEN.... going to take my shot at getting the students to authenticate through the schools Active Directory servers !!!!!! joy - <smile>

The next couple of days should be interesting - I'll keep everyone posted with authentication part of this.

Now to my question....
What is the best solution for a teacher's computer ?

Here is the thought process.... I was going to take a decent business level desktop machine and setup a dual boot (Win XP and [another ?] Fedora 9 or CentOs 5).
But now I'm thinking.... well - why not just a regular XP machine - then she can choose at boot-up to run XP or run PXE to become a thin client machine too.
... but  <smile>.... she also wants two monitors are her desk - she would like one screen to run the snap-shots / fl_TeacherTool all the time - then have the second display to run the rest of 
her linux desktop.

So the more I think about this....

How would you arrange this environment? 
30 lab machines.... obvious thin clients... but what about the teachers machine? - another thin client or a stand alone linux machine that logs into the network... ?????



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