[K12OSN] pulling winders environment data into a form from a PHP webpage

Doug Simpson simpsond at leopards.k12.ar.us
Fri Nov 7 14:46:02 UTC 2008

Unique request. . .

Is there a way to write an input field in a webpage that will pull environment data from winders and enter it into an input field in a php webpage?

I am working on a system for bellwork (things the students must do first thing when the bell rings) and I would like the webpage they view and fill out with the daily bellwork to pull the login name of the currently logged-in windows user into a hidden field for submission to the teacher.

Two reasons:

A. Students couldn't cheat.

B. The teacher knows who did.

C. The teacher knows if they did it.

Ok, there was three. . .

I am using a script that takes input from the student, like name, period, grade, etc.

The teacher edits a simple text file with the day's instructions in it and that is placed using include.

The students have places to respond and a submit button at the end.

It then emails the results to a specified email account.

But with the student being able to enter the name themselves, a single student could enter the data for any number of them. If it pulled the currently logged in user's name and submitted that along with, the teacher would know if cheating was going on.

Just a weird, unique request. . . 



P.S. The webpage is php, running on a linux server and the students are logging in on windows workstations from a Novell server.

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