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Re: [K12OSN] pulling winders environment data into a form from a PHP webpage

On Fri, 2008-11-07 at 09:26 -0600, Doug Simpson wrote:
> The web server is not running on the Novell server and I don't know how to make the web page authenticate a user from the Novell server and all that jazz. . .
> Would it be easier to run the web page and php from a Novell server and authenticate or would it be about the same... .. >

No, not @ all, it is really quite easy to get a PHP script to connect to
Novell's NDS and check user names and stuff...

so you have your NDS Server with all usernames/passwords and then your
Linux www server running your PHP script that asks users for a
username/password that it checks against the Novell NDS... Bobs your
uncle :-)

I did this with a very large in-house web app that used Novell's NDS as
its user back-end. I have ~3000 students and ~200 staff...

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