[K12OSN] DHCP and specific IPs

Peter Scheie peter at scheie.homedns.org
Fri Nov 7 18:19:20 UTC 2008

Here's an almost-helpful suggestion: There are some projects out there, 
the names of which I can't recall at the moment, in which unrecognized 
client systems are redirected to a webpage in which the user is required 
to register.  This happens via the user's web browser, so if the user 
doesn't open firefox, say, it appears to them they are just not 
connected.  These kind of systems are deployed in places likes  yours, 
and airports where they charge for internet access.  There was a great 
writeup about one system six or eight years ago in Linux Journal, by 
some people from a school such as yours.  Unfortunately, I don't 
remember the name of their project, but you might try searching LJ's 


Doug Simpson wrote:
> Is there a way to make DHCP hand out IP addresses, but only to computers that we have the MAC addresses for? In other words, DHCP will hand out IP addresses, but only to a certain specified list of MAC addresses.
> I am wanting to stop people from bringing unauthorized equipment from home and connecting it to our network and if it don't get an IP address, it won't work.
> I already have the list of valid MAC addresses in the lease files for DHCP and I can weed out the ones that aren't ours.
> The DHCP I am running is running on a linux server if that makes a difference.
> Thanks
> Doug
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