[K12OSN] Hotmail DOA- Hotmail won't allow users to enter text in body of email

Alberto Castillo proyecto.edulin at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 20:23:22 UTC 2008

Hi friends!!!
I solved this problem just today!!!
Is very very simple the solution!
The problem occurs when hotmail checks what OS is in the client, through
Only the copies of firefox in firefox official site not have this trouble...
but do no download!!! I just simply explanation about this!
In a few steps is all resolved!:
1 - open firefox
2 - write in the box where you write "www.anysite...." about:config
3- search "general.agentuser.vendor"
4 - double clic and delete the name vendor (Red Hat, Centos, Ubuntu...)
note: the "" not included in the step to follow!
If for any reason, you bakc to this problem, other alternative is the
plug-in for firefox "Switch user agent"
Sorry for my bad english folks!!!!
Cheers from Argentina!!!
2008/11/4 Jim Christiansen <jim.c.christiansen at gmail.com>

> Well, I've been wondering about when all of the students were going to come
> to me complaining that hotmail doesn't work since we been getting the
> "Upgrade your Browser" message from hotmail.  This morning it finally
> happened and I've not only heard from students but also loudly from some
> teachers...
> I've said that our only solution is to use another webmail system know to
> work like gmail...
> Are there any fixes to this problem that you know about?
> Thanks,  Jim
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