[K12OSN] Hi! I need your council please!

Alberto Castillo proyecto.edulin at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 21:40:57 UTC 2008

Hi folks!
I have in mind a great question:
I need automate to maximum the installation process, Codecs, plug-ins
(flash, java), wine & wine-doors install, some win32 apps...
Because I are implement from 4 years ago in schools of our province (state)
of Cordoba. I am job in the Ministery of Educaction  - AREA: Direction of
Systems, and suddenly, recently, my boss, the politics of the Ministery of
Education are interest in this proyect. (four long years...).
I am a simply linux power user! and I did learn in the road how implement
with very succefull.
I ask to all you:
Ther is any shape of create a "metadistro" with any tools? I use Centos
k125EL, or is more easy create a script to do this? (I have create one
I ask this, because I am the only that understand "linux" in my job and my
co-workers no have any idea about, but they will install the system in
schools and not only they! the responsibles of labs too! and they are
teachers that only learn to on/off the computers nothing more!!!
I need know if exists any tools for create a Unattended metadistro or I am a
Crazy horse???
Thank you a lot my friends!
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