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Re: [K12OSN] School board not interested in OSS

Harish Pillay wrote:
Waitasec...if the Ministry of Education is purchasing the licenses, then how
is it free of charge?  Where's the money coming from?

This is very typical.  For example, here in Singapore, the Ministry of Education
has a national license to Windows and Office which means that all schools do
not know of the real costs of using these tools.  Clever way to hide away the

SImilar situation here in Israel. The MOE has some "School Agreement" whereby Regional Councils pay to MS a fee of about $2 per student (based on the number of students, not software installations !) in the Council, then they can install Office, MSProject, Visio, Terminal Clients, etc, for no charge. Furthermore teachers and school administrators are eligible for a copy of MS Office at a greatly discounted price. It's not made public how much the gov't actually pays MS for this arrangement. And any mention of FOSS earns you looks like "what planet did you fall from?"

So, when you talk to principals and teachers about using OO.o, they look
puzzled. The way you should approach this is by highlighting the fact that
the school should not be teaching a particular product, but the concepts
behind it (wordprocessing, spreadsheets, presentations etc).  Second, ask
the school if the child can get a copy of Office from the school and run it
at home.  Recognize that not all children and their families can afford the
"student edition" so they might revert to unauthorized copies (I don't use
the word "piracy").  So, is the school inadvertently promoting the unauthorized
copying of software?  All of this is avoidable with open office which is
freely copyable and distributable.

Hope this helps.

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