[K12OSN] Dual NIC and DHCP

MW Rathburn admin at childrenfirstflorida.org
Sat Nov 8 20:22:47 UTC 2008

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> From: "Terrell Prudé Jr." [mailto:microman at cmosnetworks.com] 
> > I have both NIC's going into the same switch/router/firewall, which 
> > gives out it's own DHCP in the 192.168.1.x scheme.  My 
> questions are:
> >   
> OK, which is it--the same switch, the same router, or the 
> same firewall?  Which one?

All three.  A Netgear FVX538 switch/router/firewall.  The hardware can also
do multiple LAN's or multi-home, but the additional LAN's cannot do DHCP so
that's out.

> Well, if your K12LTSP server's eth1 is hooked up to your 
> router, then you could certainly do a DHCP reservation.  I 
> tend to prefer static assignments, because it's just easier.  
> Either way, you don't need to touch the K12LTSP server's 
> dhcpd.conf, unless you made some custom tweaks to it to hand 
> out 192.168.1.x addresses.

Okay.  T'was wondering if PXE has some magical method of getting address
information over and above normal DHCP.  This is all new to me.

We can't segregate the network with switches, since each desktop has only
one network drop, and those pass through IP dual-port IP phones all to a
shared switch.  So it sounds like we need to just use one of the NIC's in
the server, give it an address that's the same as the rest of the network
and disable DHCP or turn off NetworkManager (?).  What else needs to be done
so that a thin client given address from the router via
Reserved IP knows to get it's LTSP information from server 192.1681.25?

Thanks again!

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