[K12OSN] fltk teacher tool blues

Robert Arkiletian robark at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 17:03:27 UTC 2008

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 5:46 AM, Will Hatch <whatch at anwsu.org> wrote:
> This is what I get from a workstation, when logged in as myself, and when I type in "last | grep still"
> [whatch at server ~]$ last | grep still
> whatch   pts/2        :1000.0          Mon Nov 10 08:31   still logged in
> ccastill ws108.ltsp:1 ws108.ltsp       Tue Sep 30 14:25 - 14:41  (00:16)
> ccastill              ws108.ltsp:16    Tue Sep 30 14:25 - down  (2+21:31)
> [whatch at server ~]$
> The user ccastillo appears to be logged in, although I don't know how.  It is like the server never logged him out last time he used the network.

A few points

Log in more users than just the person running fl-tt. The user running
fl-tt (the teacher) won't show up.

Why are you using display 1000 ?
> whatch   pts/2        :1000.0

Why is user ccastill using display 16 ?
> ccastill              ws108.ltsp:16

the default display is 0. If I remember my code fl-tt counts on this.
Take a look at a portion my output from last|grep still

brandy ws246.ltsp:0 ws246.ltsp       Mon Nov 10 09:24   still logged in
stanle ws147.ltsp:0 ws147.ltsp       Mon Nov 10 09:23   still logged in
michae pts/3        ws212.ltsp:0     Mon Nov 10 09:23   still logged in
michae ws212.ltsp:0 ws212.ltsp       Mon Nov 10 09:23   still logged in

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