[K12OSN] SchoolTool Beta

Tom Hoffman tom.hoffman at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 19:23:40 UTC 2008

I'm happy to announce that we've got a new release of SchoolTool out
in sync with Ubuntu 2008.10.  We're calling it a "beta."  We plan on
continuing to map to the Ubuntu schedule, with "1.0" slated for April.

SchoolTool is a free student information system and calendar server.

Details about the release here:


Installation instructions for Ubuntu:

A couple additional notes: we're working right now on setup/export via
spreadsheets, which I think will make everyone wanting to experiment
with SchoolTool happy.  We should have that in an update release soon.

Also, I'm working on documentation for using SchoolTool as a personal
gradebook or for scheduling resources in a school, which are good ways
to use/test SchoolTool without making a major commitment.


--Tom Hoffman

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