[K12OSN] OT: Sluggish file server

David Hopkins dahopkins429 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 13:10:10 UTC 2008

> You could comment out your full backup job for a week ,like you say to
> take that possibility out of the picture. Then let er run and see if you
> still go out of cpu.

I'll try this over the weekend.

> The only thing that doesn't seem this would be
> it,if this job runs ONLY on Sunday night,if you reboot on say Monday and
> your server is cpu bound in minutes this doesn't really add up.
> What kind of backup scheme are you using? Is this like a hand written
> backup script by chance? Just curious.

Using BackupPC which runs great once you get it set up which isn't
hard if just want basic defaults (which I am using).  It runs a full
backup weekly and incrementals daily using ssh and rsync.

> Also have you just recently setup
> this backup,and this is when your cpu maxing started? If this is by
> coincidence it sounds like you may have nailed down the culprit. Fingers
> crossed:)

Backups have been running since early September (start of school)
without issues.  I'm currently leaning towards it being a samba issue
with roaming profiles since the PDC is my primary authentication
server but I point the profile location to the file server instead of
saving them on the PDC.  But that is pure speculation.

Dave Hopkins

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