[K12OSN] SCREEN_01 contains a screen script ldm ...

Brian Fristensky bfristen at shaw.ca
Sun Nov 16 18:37:17 UTC 2008

I upgraded LTSP5 using yum yesterday, and now my thin client won't boot.

The boot process proceeds to the message

Adding udev persistent rules

and then the following message appears:

SCREEN_01 contains a screen script ldm Please change to another screen

After this message appears, I can't change screens with ctrl-alt-F1 -

No further messages appear, and the thin client hangs. I can get it
to start a reboot with ctrl-alt-del, but it seems to get frozen and
will not even finish halting the system.

My /etc/lts.conf file is empty, as is the lts.conf in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc,
so no screens are being set up there. It seems likely that something
was changed in the recent update that causes this error.

Server: laptop running Fedora9 and LTSP5
Terminal: Diskless Workstations 1420 PXE

Brian Fristensky
971 Somerville Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3T 1B4 CANADA
bfristen at shaw.ca

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