[K12OSN] SCREEN_01 contains a screen script ldm ...

Brian Fristensky bfristen at shaw.ca
Mon Nov 17 02:44:47 UTC 2008

Barry R Cisna wrote:
> Brian,
> Do you have another thin client you can test with by chance? 

Nope. Why should a different TC behave any differently? The whole point of LTSP
is that everything is downloaded from the server. Of course that means that bugs
are also downloaded, but the problem is almost certainly at the server end.

>If this
> client did work at one,time, I'd say you better reinstall FC# LTSP,,and
> don't do any updating to your server at least till you get stuff ironed
> out initially. 

Surely you're joking! If I reinstalled the operating system every time
something didn't work I'd be doing nothing else but reinstalling
the operating system. I did a fresh install of Fedora9 specifically
so that I could use LTSP5, and everything I've installed has
been done using yum. I have followed the LTSP install instructions
step by step and in fact did have LTSP working two days ago.

The whole idea of these forums is to work the problem. If I did
a textbook install and got this problem, then others will too.
This is how we find bugs in releases and get them fixed.

>One thing, You should not even have an lts.conf file
> at /etc . 

That has always been there. I have installed LTSP5 twice on a fresh
Fedora9 install and there has always been an empty /etc/lts.conf file.

>If you do,,Seems your update went south somehow:(
> So that being said, if you don't just reinstall you are going to be
> chasing multiple problems to no end I'm afraid.
> Let us now how it goes.
> Take Care,
> Barry Cisna
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Brian Fristensky

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