[K12OSN] Re: K12OSN] SCREEN_01 contains a screen script ldm

William Fragakis william at fragakis.com
Mon Nov 17 18:04:11 UTC 2008

you need the lts.conf so the client knows where to start graphic
sessions by running ldm (or even startx) or to start a terminal. You are
getting the same screen that a default session with proper lts.conf
would get on ctrl+alt+f1

lts.conf is now located in 

If you don't have one, here's enough to get you started:


    # LDM_DIRECTX=yes allows greater scalability and performance
    # Turn this off if you want greater security instead.
    # LDM_DEBUG=yes writes to /var/log/ldm.log during client runtime

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> Subject: [K12OSN] SCREEN_01 contains a screen script ldm ...
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> I upgraded LTSP5 using yum yesterday, and now my thin client won't
> boot.
> The boot process proceeds to the meIfssage
> Adding udev persistent rules
> and then the following message appears:
> SCREEN_01 contains a screen script ldm Please change to another screen
> After this message appears, I can't change screens with ctrl-alt-F1 -
> ctrl-alt-F12.
> No further messages appear, and the thin client hangs. I can get it
> to start a reboot with ctrl-alt-del, but it seems to get frozen and
> will not even finish halting the system.
> My /etc/lts.conf file is empty, as is the lts.conf
> in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc,
> so no screens are being set up there. It seems likely that something
> was changed in the recent update that causes this error.
> Server: laptop running Fedora9 and LTSP5
> Terminal: Diskless Workstations 1420 PXE

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