[K12OSN] Copying the look & feel of a EeePC on k12LTSP

David Sokolowsky dsokolowsky at alcatel-lucent.com
Tue Nov 18 20:50:18 UTC 2008

lxlauncher may be a good place to start.  It is part of LXDE 
(lightweight desktop) - http://lxde.org/

" About LXLauncher
Open source replacement for Asus Launcher of EeePC

This is designed for Asus EeePC. (See the screenshot)

LXLauncher is part of LXDE project (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment: 
http://lxde.org/). It's designed for Asus EeePC as an open source 
replacement for Asus Launcher included in EeePC provided by Xandros. 
LXLauncher is standard-compliant and desktop-independent. It follows 
freedesktop.org specs, so newly added applications will automatically 
show up in the launcher, and vice versa for the removed ones.

Drop the limited Asus launcher and try LXLauncher today! Cheers!"



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