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Re: [K12OSN] Website

There are many schools around the world using LTSP, including hundreds in the US. There used to be an online map where people could post their installations, but the map provider added all kinds of weird bells & whistles and it fell into disuse. I know of a couple of installations in the Milwaukee area and I'm sure the admins would be delighted to show you their setups. Contact me off-list if you're interested in seeing them.

Not sure about the k12os.org website; www.k12ltsp.org and k12linux, which focus on use and development of LTSP in school settings seem to be up.


Garrett Novotny wrote:
Hi everyone,

I'm just joined this mailing list and am trying to find out more on what the opensource community has to offer for K-12 schools. Are there many schools in the US using LTSP? If you have any examples, the number of clients/students would be a great help and maybe some contact info.
Also I noticed that the http://www.k12os.org website is down.  What's the status on that?


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