[K12OSN] SMBLDAP - Requiring and facilitating password change at first logon

Carl Keil carl at snarlnet.com
Wed Nov 19 21:47:15 UTC 2008


I've gotten a SMBLDAP server going on Centos.  I think it works really 
well through all the testing I've done.  I'm about to convert people 
over to using it.  What's the best way for making the kids change the PW 
at first login (I didn't assign very good passwords when I set up the 
accounts and now I'm worrying about it.)  Is there a GUI way to do this?

Is there a way in LDAP to keep a person in the DB but not let them log 
into workstations?  Like to toggle some sort of "active" field in the db?

Oh, BTW all the workstations are Ubuntu 8.04, I'm hoping that simplifies 



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