[K12OSN] You can't have LTSP and network too

M Rathburn stretchem at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 01:20:37 UTC 2008

> On Nov 18, 2008, at 8:59 PM, M Rathburn wrote:
> > After F9 install with reboot, eth0 got DHCP address,
> > eth1 is statically set to  NetworkManager is 
> on, but the 
> > eth1 network interface was inactive. Networking was only working 
> > through eth0.  Had to do 'chkconfig network on' to get the 
> two network 
> > interfaces to activate on startup.  Rebooted.  Networking 
> is working 
> > fine for both interfaces.
> >>
> What you describe above makes me think that eth0 might 
> actually facing the outside of your network and eth1 is 
> facing your clients.  
> FC 9 might detect your NICs in a different order than RHEL/CENTOS.  
> The other thing to check, did you restart the computer or the 
> NetworkManger service too? The other thing you may have to do 
> first, especially on a stock install of FC 9, is to do all 
> the updates first.

Yes, this was exactly the problem.  Installs of K12Linux CentOS5 configured
the two interfaces differently from what the installs of F9 did.  ie:
CentOS5 said eth0 was network card #1, while F9 said eth0 was network card

A little gotcha if you're not paying attention.

Thanks Almquist!

-Mike Rathburn
 Children First Florida

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