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Re: [K12OSN] Fl_TeacherTool wont auto startup in ICEWM in a workspace > 1

Thanks for the help. I made the changes, recompiled the program and as expected, the Window Name is now 'Fl_TeacherTool'.  However, I still did not achieve getting teachertool to start in any workspace but the first one.

In researching the problem further, it appears that there is bug report that the 'winoptions file' does not get parsed in icewm 1.3 and may have stopped working after 1.2.30.

We are using 1.2.36 having upgraded to it from 1.2.27 last month.  I don't think I'll go back but wait to see if the bug report get resolved.

On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 4:26 PM, Robert Arkiletian <robark gmail com> wrote:
2008/11/17 Charles M Hale <chuck qwk2lrn net>:
> We are using Fl_TeacherTool with the ICEWM window's manager and we are
> trying to startup Fl_TeacherTool in a workspace other than the primary
> workspace.
> ICEWM has a very good facility for doing this; its the 'winoptions' file in
> the .icewm subdirectory.
> Its seems that our directive of <WindowName>.workspace: <workspace number>
> is being iignored.
> We have Fl_TeacherTool starting up in workspace 1.  We would like it to
> startup in workspace 2 or 3.
> We noted that when Fl_TeacherTool starts, we has 'Fl_Teachertool @ <server
> hostname>' as the identifying text in the window, we/ve use all possible
> combinations for our <WindowName> and Fl_TeacherTool continues to startup in
> the first workspace.

I think I figured it out. At least I hope I did. I have a fix. I hope.
This is an interesting problem. Have a look at the documentation for icewm


"It's possible that an application's class and/or name contains the
dot character (".") used by IceWM to separate class, name and role
values. To lock it, precede it with the backslash character. In the
following example, we suppose an application's window has the.class as
its class value and the.name as its name value :
the\.class.the\.name.option: argument"

The problem arises because my program grabs the hostame (which usually
has a "." in it and tacks that onto the window name". So the "." is
not escaped. The only solution I have is to get rid of the @hostame
part of the window name in my code.

So search for these two lines in fl_teachertool.cxx (it's in the main function)

host=getstdout("echo $HOSTNAME","Error: Could not get Hostname");
host.insert(0, "Fl_TeacherTool @ ");

and just replace it with


Hopefully that will solve the problem.

> Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get Fl_TeacherTool to  start in a
> workspace other than the first one.
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