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Re: [K12OSN] fl_teachertool-0.62 rpm download here

While the package may install, I doubt that it will work because, as Robert said, the x11vnc doesn't (yet) work in the client chroot in LTSP 5 on Fedora.


Barry R Cisna wrote:
Hi Mark,

The newest I have had available to try on is FC7 and it worked fine. I
haven't seen if the build tree for FC9 has changed so I can not honestly
say. One thing about it, I can assure you it will not kill any other
configs if you'd like to try it. I'd be curious to know if it does work
on FC9? If it does not work you can simply do
 ' rpm -e --nodeps fl_teachertool ' and it will be removed.
And yes it does pull down the dependencies, via yum it needs. About
everything I install from a single .rpm ends up having to pull down
something  from the FC#, or CentOS# yum repos,to make it happen. No
different in this case. I would guess this is in the rpm packaging
guidelines:-) Try installing totem-xine from its own rpm:).

Take Care,
Barry Cisna

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