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[K12OSN] video on LTSP

Hello all:

I am having problems with watching videos using K12LTSP on Fedora Core
6. I am at a school site and we have a teacher running a project with
students creating stop motion video (digital pictures) using
clay-mation. I have converted the images into video @ 400kbps and 5
frame/sec. encoding (using either .flv and .mp4 formats) and cannot get
them to play using  Totem (Mplayer v2.16.5) or vlc. Once converted into
a movie file, either of the two players will open the file and then
immediately shutdown. I can play the files in either format in Mplayer
on my Ubuntu desktop.

My guess is that LTSP just can't support the bandwidth needed to stream
the files. Any suggestions on how to make this work on LTSP?

Thanks in advance,

fn:Bob Mead
org:South Lane School District;Technology Services Center
email;internet:bmead lane k12 or us
title:Network Specialist

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