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Re: [K12OSN] How to mount old LVM on old drive to recover student homes


Thank you Paul, Rod, Steven and Gideon.

I had the old LVM rsync the current homes back overnight.  I used parts of most of your points.  My 500 students don't hate me any more ;-)

I've found that booting to the Control D disk error and unmounting or remounting rw the drives has always been a hassle so I've tattooed: "mount / -o remount,rw" to my forehead...

Once in, re-editing fstab is a sintch.

As for the LVMs:
I used a Centos i368 CD (I was curious because my systems are 64 bit so I used a 32 bit disk...) and booted to linux rescue and NOT letting it mount any drives.

From here it was just a matter of "lvm vgrename".

Booting the new system up with another newly edited fstab and a mount -a of the new volgroup-newname bla bla bla and the system was ready to rsync back.

Thanks a ton,


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