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Re: [K12OSN] Sound module for ebox 2500

Barry R Cisna schreef:

Try adding the via82xx sound module to your lts.conf file for this
client. SMODULE_01 = via82xx  Make sure you have the other sound modules
you have listed commented out just to take them out of the equation.
Also go into the bios of your Ebox 2500 and see if there is an option
for "legacy sound emulation" or something like that? It seems I run into
this about three years ago and can't remember exactly what the tweak was
to make it activate?I doubt this will work if ltsp didn't recognize this
sound chip at bootup, but it's worth a try.
Let us know your results.

Barry Cisna

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No success with th via82xx sound module. In the BIOS there's no option like sound emulation. I know that for the previous ebox 2300 model, someone compiled a driver called sis_7019. I guess I will have to compile a driver for the ebox 2500 myself, but I can't find source code.

I also found a script on the ltsp-website that modifies the /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/rc.sound script, so that alsa drivers can be used through esd. With these modifications made, I specify the snd-hda-intel module, and it seems to work fine. I can telnet the client on 16001, no more errors like "/dev/dsp no such file or device", testing sound in GUI shows no errors. BUT ... no sound coming from the speakers


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