[K12OSN] Cloning Acer Aspire One

Paul Satherley pauls at tclcommunications.co.nz
Fri Nov 28 20:45:50 UTC 2008

Hi , 

I've used UDPCast with a Sysprep'd image  etc  but I'm going to use FOG



It combines all the goodness of G4l, udpcast auto setup configuration, and much more for long term management of apps and images!.


However.. most important is to spend as much time as possible sorting out the base image for all uses,

ie after its on the Domain, offline files, wireless ,dialup, proxy,printing,firewall, virus/malware protection AT and AWAY from school, full install of standard apps, .net,java,sql and other librarys,   and then test and test, test the abilty to re-image, maybe partition the hard drive so that user data is separate as mush as windows will allow etc.........give it to others to break.. fix it. and then image it once..  


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Hi Brian,

Use G4L. Download the latest ISO and burn a few copies to CD. It is
about 80mb's. If you are setting these Acer's up with Windows, use the
sysprep tool that is on any Xp cd(under the Tools folder) for this. Put
all the applications,printers you think you *might* use on your
'master'. Then after this copy the -blank6-(two files from the g4l CD)
onto the master HD, -run blank6-. It will take about 20 mins on an 80gig
HD. This writes nulls to each empty sector of your cloning HD. This will
reduce your saved master .img to about 3gig!. After doing the blank6 run
sysprep on the master HD. This will in essence ,once cloned to the
second,, third pc,,lets you run a mini-setup program,to pick out
name,join domain etc after you have cloned to one of the laptops.Now,
pop in the g4l cd into your master laptop,and have a directory already
setup to save your master.img on a server at your building then go
through the steps,to 'backup' the master. This will be saved in lzop
compression by default. It will take about 2 hours to save the
initial .img to your server. The upside,once you start cloning the
master.img to the rest of your laptops,it will take about 25 mins( for
one at a time). there is even a multicast option on g4l,but i always
just start each cloner one at a time myself. This will work fine for
linux,winders,mac partitions.
Hope this helps getting you started.
Sidenote: G4l runs 'outside' of the OS, This is what gets most people in
trouble using Norton Ghost,,:-)

Take Care,
Barry Cisna
WestCentral School #235

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