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Re: [K12OSN] Cloning Acer Aspire One

Steve Jackson wrote:
Brian Chivers wrote:
Our college has decided to buy 45 Acer Aspire ones and I wondered if anyone has any advice on how to clone them all once I have one setup how I'd like, hopefully not one at a time :-)

Assuming you have the XP variant - I use Clonezilla with DRBL, the A1 will boot using PXE just fine so no need for external USB CD drives etc. I built the first one as needed, copied it to the DRBL server, then imaged the rest (6 in my case) from that. DRBL and Clonezilla can multicast, so in theory you could do all your 45 at once!

They have a hidden WinXP restore partition, which I have left in place.

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Thanks for the pointers.

They'll be running the Linpus Linux OS, trying to wean them off Doze and said that they weren't available with XP :-)


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