[K12OSN] Cloning drives, no network or compression

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sat Nov 29 13:51:43 UTC 2008

Hi Scott,

With the mix of what you have to deal with there, it may be worth buying
two of the  quick release 5.25 removable drive bays( with the handle on
the front of them to push/pull/lock). About $6 each at geeks. Find your
"best" master cloning machine put a decent cdrom in it, and put these
two bays in it (along with its own HD). Save your master img on this
machines HD. Make sure you do have LBA enabled on this box when setting
up your initial image. Once you have your master.img all setup with ALL
printers,and ALL applications, and blank6'd and sysprep'd/sealed. Start
pulling HD's out of your other boxes and pop one in each of the two
quick release bays,so you can do two HD's at a time while cloning.
Anyway you do it,its going to be a lot of leg work without any of your
machines having cdrom's . I know its always a hassle on lots of cases
even getting panels off. I think it is a prerequisite to be a rocket
scientist to get some panels back on some of these old machines:) Only
other way of doing it would be to buy an external usb cdrom and hang on
each machine at a time, but as old as these machines are they would
never usb boot i'm sure, so that also throws out doing boot from a usb
stick as well. The floppy thing is nothing but frustration to try and do
several as well. Just a though?

Barry Cisna
WestCentral School #235.

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