[K12OSN] Cloning drives, no network or compression

Scott S. ssh at tranquility.net
Sun Nov 30 08:08:11 UTC 2008

Steven Santos wrote:
> How are these machines connected to the network now?

Scott S. wrote:

 > The network they are on
 > is a mish-mash of token ring and ethernet, and it's mostly wired with
 > old IBM Type 2 wiring. The ethernet ones are using a balun to use the
 > old wiring.

They are mostly 100mbit, perhaps a quarter of them are 10mbit. Maybe a 
dozen left are token ring on a MAU, which Debian recognizes well as tr0.

Some of them have cat5 and consumer dumb switches run to them as well. I 
am trying to avoid swapping hardware in/out of them as much as possible.

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