[K12OSN] Cloning drives, no network or compression

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sun Nov 30 13:52:13 UTC 2008


Sounds like you are trying to keep the superiors happy there and that's
the name of the game. Its like everything else in this bizz, once you
are to the last unit you'll have a pretty good "routine" figured out.
Problem is next time you go to do the same thing again, nothing will be
the same :-) A couple things to keep in mind. On the older hd's like you
are dealing with some of them had 15 heads per sector. If your master is
on a conventional 16 heads per sector hd and you clone to a 15/sector hd
you'll always get the grub error like you were mentioning. I never could
figure out a workaround for this caveat. Also You'll probably run into
an hd that is smaller than your master and will result in the grub error
as well. Say your master is on an 4gb and you have a one off 3.2gb.
Good luck and let us know what kinda shortcuts you figured out at the
end of all of this.

Barry Cisna

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