[K12OSN] wifi wireless k12ltsp support status

HOWARD DANIEL-GVN674 dhhoward at motorola.com
Wed Oct 8 20:17:42 UTC 2008

I think Jim and I are saying the same thing, but just to reiterate, I
think wireless between server and clients is bad given current wireless
speeds, but wireless between a classroom server and an access point
nearby is a way to get a classroom up and running if the existing wire
is broken, or if, as I found in one school here in atlanta, they had 10
Mbps fiber links to the classroom (check out the cost of fiber media
converters...).  So, if you don't have parents like me to run wires
through ceiling, then the cost tradeoff is either $200-250 to rewire a
room, or $100 ($70 plus $30 NIC in classroom server), and given you can
put $30 wireless NICs in nearby classroom servers, I still contend that
wireless is worth keeping in mind for LAN to classroom server
connections when needed, and thus would hope that K12LTSP keeps some
kind of wireless NIC support for those cases, and better, some
documentation on which wireless NICs to use for K12LTSP when that option
is needed.  I had a need for that two weekends ago when a room I was
giving a seminar in on how to use K12LTSP to revise old PCs at my church
only had wireless to the room.  I ended up running a wire through the
ceiling from a nearby room and gave the talk with clogs of ceiling tile
all over me...



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