[K12OSN] K12LTSP/Fedora9: Ready for primetime?

"Terrell Prudé Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Thu Oct 23 12:28:32 UTC 2008

Warren Togami wrote:
> Terrell Prudé Jr. wrote:
>> Warren Togami wrote:
>>> HOWARD DANIEL-GVN674 wrote:
>>>> I'm having a lot of the same problems with Flash 9 sound that a recent
>>>> thread covered.  I'm running an older version of K12LTSP (6) and I'm
>>>> wondering if any of this is easier in the latest version?  Best, 
>>>> Daniel
>>> http://macromedia.mplug.org/
>>> Note that Flash 10 is now released.  It has significantly less 
>>> problems with sound than Flash 9.  Please follow the tips and 
>>> workarounds on this page to make it work more stable.
>>> Warren
>> That, and you'll actually get security updates.  Fedora 6 (K12LTSP 
>> 6's base) hasn't been supported with any security fixes since 
>> December 2007.
> What are you talking about?  Flash has nothing to do with Fedora 6.
> Warren

He's running K12LTSP 6 (see above).  That's based on FC6.  I interpreted 
his question as "Flash in latest version of K12LTSP", which is currently 
either 5EL or K12Linux-FC9 Beta.


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