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Re: [K12OSN] Screensaver crashes screen with IBM Netvista thin clients

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Sounds like a screensaver or video driver issue. I'd make sure you have the screensaver disabled, use DPMS if you want to save power. There used to be options for standby, suspend, and turning off in the LTSP 4 lts.conf file. I'm not sure if they are there anymore in 5, I haven't had to adjust mine yet! In LTSP 5 we might just be using the settings in the GNOME/KDE display managers. If I were you, I'd disable standby and suspend, IMHO, just sent the off time to something reasonable like 15 mins. I've always found DPMS off to be the most reliably implemented in all different hardware, though power management is less of a problem with hardware than it used to be.

Google lts.conf and DPMS and you'll get some good information.

You might try these lines in your lts.conf file:
        X_DPMS  = Y
        X_DPMS_OFFTIME     = 15

On Oct 2, 2008, at 12:56 PM, Tom Wolfe wrote:

When our IBM Netvista p3 thin clients are unused for some time -- 5 mins or so -- the screen will go black. When you hit the space bar or move the mouse the most you get it a pointer arrow, which moves with the mouse. The rest of the screen remains black. The only way to recover is CTRL-SHIFT-BACKSPACE.

Any suggestions on how to solve this would be appreciated.

Tom Wolfe

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