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Re: [K12OSN] wifi wireless k12ltsp support status

Barry R Cisna wrote:
Does anyone have any thoughts here on,,,if,, the MIMO / "N" Ap's would
be any benefit in regards to making wireless with thin's a doable
option? The school purchased 10 N/ MIMO AP's (for spares)that are just
sitting in boxes. The way I see it if even two of these Ap's were put
into existing wall mounted switches per lab this should be a starting
point. I'm not enough of a bean counter maybe to see how quickly the
AP's would become saturated with even slim use with say 30 thin clients
per room. The downside, without wireless cards being able to do PXE this
seems to be almost a no-go at this point:(


Wireless LTSP has been discussed ad nauseum on this list, as far back as 2003, and as recently as this week.  Again, it's a very bad idea, given how wireless networking works.  If you want to try it...then good luck!  The fact that it's "N" wireless doesn't change things.

Stick with thick-client Linux boxes if you're doing wireless...yes, even "N" wireless.

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