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[K12OSN] ltsp-5.1.26 and roadmap for next week

Hi folks,

I just built ltsp-5.1.26 incorporating an important safety fix from John Ellson. If we find no problems with this build I will push it to Fedora 9 updates tomorrow. Meanwhile you'll find it k12linux-temporary repo.

In the next week I am trying to get K12Linux Terminal Server F9 Beta 2 out. Maureen Duffy is almost done with new artwork for the LDM login screen. Once the artwork is done, the latest upstream ldm and ltspfs will be built into Fedora 9 and Fedora 10.

I also hope that we can fix the GNOME bug where it shows users a useless Shutdown/Hibernate/Reboot dialog.

If anybody can help work on this it would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to juggle several balls at the moment in preparation for a big trip to Japan October 14th. Eric Harrison and I will be presenting about this technology for education and government people there. It will be a big event.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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