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[K12OSN] FTP install steps?

Hello everyone,

As was recommened by a couple of people on the mailing list, I'm
looking into upgrading my network to K12LTSP EL-5.  I would like to
pretend I'm cool and cutting-edge, as well as saving time and CDs, by
installing from the ftp site

I have downloaded and burned the first CD image successfully and I am
able to boot off it and start the installation process.  However, I
*always* fail at putting the ftp information in correctly and the
installation never works properly.  On top of that, the only way you
find out that the installation fails is not at the point at which you
enter the ftp site info, but later on in the install when the server
attempts to access the site.

If someone can please provide me with step-by-step instructions I
will, 1) sing their praises here and 2) update the wiki so as to
include that information so it's easily available for everyone else.

Looking forward to being cool,

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