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Re: [K12OSN] wifi wireless k12ltsp support status

Terrell Prudé Jr. wrote:
Let's also add to this the fact that the TCP ACK's would create all sorts of collisions, thus reducing the "real" throughput of wireless (remember, it's a hub) even further for thin-client purposes. But it's actually worse than that, since wireless isn't CSMA/CD, but rather CSMA/CA, like the old LocalTalk. CSMA/CA is even slower than CSMA/CD. So, it's even *worse* for thin-client purposes than already outlined. And yes, that applies to the new "N" wireless, no matter how new and "sexy" you think it is.

Please, *PLEASE* don't screw up a fine system like LTSP by trying to run it on wireless!

There is nothing wrong with trying to expand the horizons of LTSP by making it wireless. There are many current day situations that a wireless LTSP would make sense. "N" networking negates the speed/capacity issue and one could even suggest that it is better than 100mbs networking. I would also encourage continued work in LTSP making the bandwidth for each client less.

Gerald Drouillard
Technology Architect
Drouillard & Associates, Inc.

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