Randall Swift swift at msad52.org
Wed Oct 8 14:37:20 UTC 2008

I tried to restart the server but the shutdown would hang on stopping nfs.
So I did a hard shutdown. The server started fine with an rpc error (it
went by so fast that I couldn't see the entire error) and nfs is started.
Everyone can now log in and have access to their home directory. The
problem now is that I cannot join a windows machine to the domain like I
used to be able to do. I get a bad user name or password error. I am not
sure how to reset the password for the root user that is created when I
install the smbldap script. Thanks for the help


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>First thing is to get the NFS service back up and running. Without it,
>if you are using NFS mounted /home, nothing will work right.
>nfsstat will show data about the nfs server and client connections.
>Open 2 console screens (<alt>-F1 and <alt>-F2) not X screens on the NFS
>server. On screen 1 run tail -f /var/log/messages and on 2 run service
>nfs stop; service nfs start
>Now look at screen 1 for what is the problem. If stumped, grab the last
>30-40 lines of /var/log/messages after this and post them here.
>It may be that network settings are suddenly wrong and there is no NIC
>on the same IP address as the nfs server (plugged wrong cable into
>upstream dhcp server - it happens :-)
>Last resort: shutdown -r now on the nfs server. Let it fully reboot and
>watch the stat up screen for errors. Then restart the other servers. 
>BTW: It's a good idea to do "destructive testing" and verify that a
>simple reboot will restore functionality to a fouled up server. Have it
>running and literally pull the plug. If it doesn't reboot without
>"futzing" fix the reboot process so it does. fsck is the only
>outstanding issue that can't (easily) be worked around.
>On Tue, 2008-10-07 at 15:09 -0400, Randall Swift wrote:
>> I have an authentication server running centOS and was setup using the
>> smbldap script. For some reason students when they tried to access their
>> home directory were getting "access denied" errors. I restarted ldap
>> service and smb service but when I restart nfs it will not start. The
>> system seems to hang and I have to force quit out of it. I also cannot
>> even browse the filesystem with the gui the sytem hangs. I think the
>> permissions are screwed up. If so, how do I redo those in bulk (i have
>> over 650 users). I am desperate as we are down till I get this fixed.
>> Thanks for the help.
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