[K12OSN] Sound : my nemesis

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sat Oct 11 14:11:31 UTC 2008


On your _64 bit new server, when the clients themselves boot up are you
seeing the line ( before configuring X),,that says " Accepting
connections on port 16001" for sure? Also at this point if you have
speakers turned up you should hear a slight click or pop,indicating the
soundcard driver "kicked in". I would assume you have tried several
different thin clients and none are getting sound? If these are correct
try the following to at least get esd working. I've never delved into
trying to get pulse audio to work. The following worked for me a couple
years ago on one particular server and I never figured out why, but it
did,,, after a lot of wrangling. Maybe it will cure your server?
ESD:Can't play sound:


Take Care,
Barry Cisna


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