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[Fwd: Re: [K12OSN] Generic Accounts?]

Moon wrote:
Moon wrote:
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From: Gerald Drouillard [mailto:gerrylist drouillard ca] Sent: Friday, October 10, 2008 03:10 PM
To: Support list for open source software in schools.
Subject: Re: [K12OSN] Generic Accounts?

Jamie Lists wrote:
We're sprinkling LTSP clients all over a school in my district. I need
to have a generic account for kids to use.
The problem is if i make one account called student for instance. They
all have the same home directory, which is bad.
The only other way i can think of is to make 50 generic accounts and
then tell the kids.. ok on this client you need to login as student38.
Doesn't seem like such a great solution.

Autologin based on mac address. You can even have those accounts "reset" to a clean state on login. Look at some of my previous postings on kiosk for the scripts and stuff.

Gerald, I too am interested in a more user (student) friendly login and
user admin solution for our school. However, I didn't see any kiosk info
listed when I did a search for: Gerald Drouillard kiosk, could it possibly
be listed on some other website?

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From: Peter Scheie [mailto:peter scheie homedns org] Sent: Friday, October 10, 2008 07:44 PM
To: moon smbis com; Support list for open source software in schools.
Subject: Re: [K12OSN] Generic Accounts?

You don't mention what version you're running, but for K12LTSP-EL5 see


Peter, I don't know if you recall this entry you made on the LTSP wiki back
in 2006, but this same problem is what I am having right now. The patched
gdm is now obsolete and the one that is currently installed has the same
problem. Do you know if Andrew Ziem ever posted the actual source file
and/or submitted it to the gnome team for inclusion?

"The GDM that is shipped with Fedora Core 5 (used in K12LTSP version 5) is
broken, such that all thin clients will display, on their login screens,
"/usr/bin/autologin| will login in X seconds". When the timer gets to zero,
those clients that should autologin will do so, but those that should not
will go black briefly and then the GDM greeter will restart with a bit of an
initial 'jump & wiggle'. This doesn't hurt anything but it's annoying to
look at, and isn't the way it should work. Andrew Ziem provided a patched
GDM in RPM format that fixes this problem. A How-To for setting up autologin
with this patch GDM is available on the K12LTSP wiki.

-- PetreScheie - 22 Nov 2006"

Ah, yes, I need to update that page.  To make this work on K12LTSP-EL5, you can
use the gdm from Fedora 6 this way: Download the source rpm file for gdm from
Fedora 6; you can find it at

Then, as root, run 'rpmbuild --rebuild gdm-'.  (Depending
on what you have installed on your system, you may get some errors about missing
dependencies; just use yum to install them all.  And rpmbuild comes from the
rpm-build package, which you can also install with yum.)  When rpmbuild
finishes, you'll have an rpm for a new gdm:

Install this with
rpm -Uvh /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/gdm-2.16.5-2.i386.rpm

And then you'll need to restart gdm which will kick anyone logged in via GUI,
including you.  But then the timed auto-login should work.  I'll add this to
that wiki page.


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